LOCATION - I work in Brisbane, South East Queensland and further afield.

TRANSPLANTING SERVICE - A transplanted plant needs to be moved with a large undamaged root ball. to produce a healthy plant at the end of the process. We have the right equipment and skills to achieve this outcome.

HOW BIG - I have transplanted anything from clumps of bromeliads to huge canary palms, and fig trees.

PLANT RELOCATION - Using a crane truck I lift, transport, and deliver plants.

PLANT SALVAGE - I salvage plants from private gardens, demolition sites and wherever I can to save great plants from being destroyed.

PLANT RECYCLERS - Recycled plants are a cheap way to add great new plants to your garden, and environmentally friendly too.

PALM TRADING - Palms and plants for sale. If you require a particular type and size plant, I may be able to find it for you.

PALMS WANTED - date palm, canary palm, triangle palm, golden cane palm, cabbage palm, livistona palm ponytail palm, cycads, bottle trees, pandanus, yuccas, agaves and anything interesting.

PRICE - transplanting your own plant is a fraction of the price of buying a new one.

PALM REMOVAL - I remove palms and trees and stumpgrind.

My MISSION is to RESCUE quality plants from DESTRUCTION.

I supply deliver and plant mature FEATURE PLANTS like canary palms.

I build large GREEN PRIVACY SCREENS of golden cane palms or similar, taller than 4 meters.

I build instant RAINFORESTS.

MOVING - take your valuable plants with you.

RENOVATING - move that great plant to a better spot, don't kill it.